Data Quality Workshops in Botswana

In June 2014, MEASURE Evaluation facilitated three data quality workshops in Gaborone, Botswana.

Workshop Participants
Workshop participants and facilitators

In June 2014, MEASURE Evaluation facilitated three data quality workshops in Gaborone, Botswana. The workshops are a result of a MEASURE Evaluation partnership with USAID Botswana to develop a national procedure for routine monitoring of data quality consistent with the data quality standard operating procedures developed for the Ministry of Health. 

Botswana chose to adapt the global Routine Data Quality Assessment (RDQA) tool for routine monitoring of data quality, which is designed as a monitoring tool of data quality within a program area. The RDQA approach provides the flexibility to be used at the discretion of the many stakeholders within a health system. The Botswana adaptation of the RDQA process is unique as it provides a national protocol for routine data quality assessment across various levels of the health system as well as program areas.

At the request of USAID Botswana, MEASURE Evaluation provided technical support in the data quality field following the adaptation of the RDQA. This included the three data quality workshops and a field application of the RDQA tool during the third workshop. Participants were divided into three groups to perform a full RDQA for one of the PEPFAR-funded NGOs, which included data verification and system assessment. The members of each group discussed the assessment findings, prepared a presentation, and debriefed with the management team from the NGO assessed.

A total of 49 participants attended the three workshops, including representatives from PEPFAR Implementing Partners and the United States government. Workshop sessions featured presentations, exercises, and group discussions.

Following the workshops, participants noted the usefulness of the data quality methodology and RDQA tool presented in the workshops. Many found the RDQA tool to be user friendly and thought the training was productive and informative.

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