Generate Evidence

This page explains how D4I helps generate evidence.

Generation of the strong evidence needed for program and policy decision making is a core mission of Data for Impact (D4I). We fulfill that mission through the appropriate use of available data sources and generation of new data via innovative, rigorous, and efficient methods, approaches, and tools.

  • We work with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) missions and other local partners to identify and prioritize information needs. We begin with a clear understanding of the question that needs to be answered and tailor appropriate methods to the available budget, timeline, and context.
  • We employ effective communication and solutions-oriented technical support approaches to ensure that we understand the information need, articulate the right question, and identify the most appropriate study designs, drawing on a full range of methodological options. Those options include use of available existing data—routine health information system (RHIS) data and existing surveys and study data—and nontraditional data, such as weather and climate data, data from satellite images, or data from other non-health sectors.
  • We raise awareness about how to access and use routine data and other existing data sets, provide guidance about how to access and merge data, and increase data availability by linking people to data hubs and portals.
  • When new data are needed to fill information gaps, we employ methods that are appropriate, innovative, rapid, and efficient.
  • Where evaluation designs are appropriate, we conduct process, outcome, impact, and cost evaluations.
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