MEASURE Evaluation End-of-Phase-III Event

MEASURE Evaluation led an interactive event on May 22, 2014, demonstrating how improved M&E contributes to improved health systems, country ownership, sustainability and improved health outcomes.


National Press Club, Washington, DC - May 22, 2014

MEASURE Evaluation and USAID demonstrated how improved monitoring and evaluation contributes to improved health systems, country ownership, sustainability and improved health outcomes. We presented both accomplishments and lessons learned from the third phase of MEASURE Evaluation, as well as future directions in global health monitoring and evaluation.


Panel - USAID Perspectives on Monitoring and Evaluation and Health Information Needs and Progress in the Last Five Years
Robert Clay, Deputy Assistant Administrator, USAID Office of Global Health, Kanta Jamil, Senior Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Officer, USAID Bangladesh, and Krista Stewart, Public Health Analyst and Agreement Officer's Representative for MEASURE Evaluation


What We Knew on the Eve of Phase III
Sian Curtis, MEASURE Evaluation project director at the start of Phase III


Progress in Phase III
Jim Thomas, MEASURE Evaluation project director



Session I – Adapting Data Quality Assurance Approaches and Tools to Meet Local Needs
Stephanie Mullen, Suzanne Cloutier and Karen Foreit

Session II – Building Sustainable Country-Owned M&E Systems
Stephanie Watson-Grant, Tariq Azim and Kola Oyediran

Session III – Making Information Available to Improve Health
Shannon Salentine, David Hotchkiss and Beatriz Plaza

Session IV – Using Data for Decision Making
Scott Moreland, Tara Nutley and Leontine Gnassou

Panel – Evaluating Impact
Siân Curtis, Heidi Reynolds, Stacey Gage, Jen Chapman and Martha Skiles


USAID’s Science and Technology Prize Winners
Recognition of MEASURE Evaluation’s two winners, Sharon Weir and Mark Sobsey, by Krista Stewart 

Keynote Panel - You Can't Get Rid of Us: From the past to the future
Amy Tsui, Jane Bertrand and John Stover, introduced by Krista Stewart


Session V – Building Information Systems for Community Programs
Mary Freyder, Edward Kunyanga and Molly Cannon


Session VI – Making the Connection: Monitoring and evaluation in the context of integrated health services and systems
Beth Sutherland, David Boone and Cristina de la Torre

Session VII – EnGendering Monitoring and Evaluation
Jessica Fehringer, Shelah Bloom and Carolina Mejia

Session VIII – Using Geographic Information Systems and mHealth to Inform Programing
Leah Wyatt, John Spencer and Nena do Nascimento

Session IX – Capacity Building in Phase III
Jason Smith, Stacey Gage and Susan Post

Session X – Technical Leadership in Monitoring and Evaluation
Heidi Reynolds, Leopoldo Villegas and Sharon Weir

Session XI – Advances in Outcome Monitoring
Scott McKeown, Janine Barden O’Fallon and Jennifer Chapman

Session XII – Measuring Vital Events
Bates Buckner, Kavita Singh and Robert Mswia

What’s Next for MEASURE Evaluation?
Jim Thomas
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