Regional Networks

Countries around the world are working to achieve better health through the use of information produced by high-quality, sustainable health information systems (HIS). Intercountry collaboration allows for sharing of information and best practices while supporting capacity development for HIS strengthening. The following networks work regionally to engage in advocacy, participatory learning, and collaboration with local partners.

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Name of Regional Network

Region(s) Served


Global Evaluation and Monitoring Network for Health (GEMNet-Health)

GEMNet member institutions are located in several countries throughout Asia, Africa, and North America.

The purpose of GEMNet-Health is to foster organizational growth, collaboration, and peer-to-peer support for monitoring and evaluation of health programs globally through ongoing and future institutional linkages among members, beginning with a core of MEASURE Evaluation's current and former training partners. The member institutions that make up the network have well-established programs in the M&E of health programs, serving domestic, regional, and global levels.

GEMNet-Health has members skilled in a wide array of evaluation-related technical areas, with capacity to conduct trainings, collaborate on research, and provide technical assistance. Several member institutions are also involved in capacity building and networking activities related to strengthening routine health information system.


Routine Health Information Network (RHINO)

Global focus with Regional Networks in Latin America, West Africa and Asia

RHINO was created in 2001 to connect individuals and organizations working to strengthen RHIS around the world. RHINO engages members in regular forums, newsletters, and cataloging of resources. RHINO is the first global network for RHIS professionals and is currently working to develop regional RHINOs through partnerships with existing regional eHealth and HIS networks in Latin American, West Africa, and Asia. 


Health Information Systems Program (HISP)

South Africa and additional partnerships in several African countries

HISP is a global network of people, entities, and organizations that design, implement, and sustain integrated HIS. As a network, HISP globally follows a participatory approach to support local management of healthcare delivery and information flows, and was established in 2003 by the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo.

The HISP team is based across numerous centers in South Africa, while also supporting and partnering with several countries throughout Africa. 


Latin American and Caribbean Network for Strengthening Health Information Systems (RELACSIS)

Latin America and the Caribbean

RELACSIS was established in Lima, Peru in 2010 and is currently coordinated by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). RELACSIS is dedicated to the strengthening of HIS in the Latin American and Caribbean Region through face-to-face collaboration as well as a virtual space for members to share resources, experiences, and best practices in HIS Strengthening.


Pacific Health Information Network (PHIN)

Pacific Region

PHIN was established at the Health Metrics Network (HMN) meeting in Noumea in 2006. PHIN was created to provide a mechanism for networking, support, information sharing and training for health information professionals in the region.

PHIN is not a registered organization, but has a strong affiliation with the Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA).


Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN)

South and Southeast Asia

AeHIN promotes better use of information communication technology (ICT) to achieve better health through peer-to-peer assistance and knowledge sharing and learning through a regional approach for greater country-level impacts across South and Southeast Asia.

More recently, an AeHIN Routine Health Information Systems (RHIS) Focus Group has been established with the goal of supporting improved data definitions, collection, analysis, and management to generate quality information for use toward strengthening the health care delivery system through improved planning and management in AeHIN countries.


West Africa Routine Health Information Systems (RHIS) Network

West African Countries

The West Africa RHIS network is a newer initiative, which is currently being set up under the governance of the West African Health Organization (WAHO).

The network’s vision is that by 2025, all member countries will have a fully functional RHIS that produces data of adequate quality, which are effectively used for decision making at all levels of the health system.


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