MEASURE Evaluation News

Whither the Impact Evaluation? — Mar 24, 2017
Read a blog post from Heidi Reynolds, PhD, Director of Evaluation, and Sian Curtis, PhD, Senior Evaluation Advisor.
International Women’s Day — Mar 07, 2017
We asked two of our gender experts to talk about their work and the differences they see in attention paid to women in developing countries.
Electronic Management Information Systems Strengthened in Bangladesh — Mar 06, 2017
A recently released report from the Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare features work by MEASURE Evaluation to strengthen the country’s electronic management information systems.
How to Help Community-Based mHealth Programs Collect High-Quality Data — Feb 20, 2017
How can we ensure that our community-based mHealth programs are collecting accurate, high-quality data that will help us deliver the right services to the right places at the right time?
Five Ways We Help to Change the World — Jan 30, 2017
Achieving improvements in global health isn’t done alone—it takes a system. Here’s how we help on many fronts to improve lives.
Planning the Future of Digital Health — Dec 19, 2016
Read thoughts from Sam Wambugu, Senior Health Informatics Specialist for MEASURE Evaluation, on the 2016 Global Digital Health Forum.
Challenges and Opportunities in Data Quality, Privacy, and Security — Dec 14, 2016
MEASURE Evaluation undertook an assessment to study how mobile phone user behavior among health workers in LMICs may affect data quality—including data privacy, security, and confidentiality.
Stemming the tide of HIV by addressing gender in Botswana — Nov 22, 2016
USAID in Botswana and MEASURE Evaluation conducted a gender analysis to identify barriers and make recommendations to help curtail HIV.
Project shows how to increase HIV treatment retention: Use the data you already have — Nov 22, 2016
Read a guest post by Kate Klein, Catherine Barker, Michelle Li, and Nena do Nascimento.
Routine Data, Uncommon Evaluation: An Innovative, Mixed-Methods Assessment of Malaria Interventions in Nigeria — Nov 15, 2016
MEASURE Evaluation helped assess effectiveness of interventions to reduce malaria disease intervention in Nigeria.
Indicators to Measure Family Planning and HIV Integration — Nov 02, 2016
A new manual recommends that all USAID missions use additional indicators to track family planning (FP)/HIV service delivery and client-focused outcomes.
Informing Investments in Health Information Systems — Sep 16, 2016
What interventions work to strengthen a country’s health information systems so they improve the functioning of the country’s overall health system and, at the same time, provide data that satisfy the need for donors to report on international goals?
Mixed-Method Evaluations Lend Rigor to Design — Oct 31, 2016
Read Heidi Reynolds' blog on the AEA 2016 Conference.
All About Gender — Oct 29, 2016
Read Mahua Mandal's blog on the AEA 2016 Conference.
Identifying as an Evaluator — Oct 28, 2016
Read Bridgit Adamou’s blog on the AEA 2016 Conference.
Visualizing What Needs to Be Done for Better Health — Oct 27, 2016
For the past year, MEASURE Evaluation has been providing technical assistance to a cadre of 14 health professionals in Zambia to create compelling health information products that communicate and lead to action.
Improving Data Use to Combat Malaria in the DRC — Oct 21, 2016
National- and provincial-level staff from the National Malaria Control Program, Health Management Information System Division, and other malaria organizations and implementing partners are in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to participate in data collection for a MEASURE Evaluation data use assessment.
A Smarter Way to Build Health Information Systems? — Oct 19, 2016
As countries measure progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they should prioritize data needed to improve healthcare for people.
Can Mobile Phones Help Moms Have Healthier Babies? — Oct 25, 2016
When the South African National Department of Health needed to provide vital info to pregnant women, MEASURE Evaluation SIFSA helped to provide support for the NDoH MomConnect project, a mobile text messaging program that’s reached more than 900,000.
GEMNet-Health Innovates Model for Its Trainings — Oct 11, 2016
A recent training workshop on impact evaluation of health programs, held in July in Accra, Ghana, showcased a new model for joint trainings conducted by a network of regional training institutions.