MEASURE GIS Working Group Meeting, June 2012

The MEASURE GIS Working Group Meeting took place June 26, 2012, at JSI in Rossyln, VA.

Use of geospatial tools and data in the international development sector has increased as the value of the technology has become apparent. As innovations and successes become more numerous it can be challenging to stay abreast of the latest achievements. The June 2012 MEASURE GIS Working Group Meeting highlighted recent innovations and presented future directions of the technology.

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See the Meeting Summary and the Meeting Agenda.

Meeting Overview

John Spencer - MEASURE Evaluation


Ethiopia: Three ways of looking at the geography of HIV

Nathan Heard - US State Department


Using Global Population Datasets

Clara Burgert - MEASURE DHS


Mapping Health Services Using Both Old and New Technology in Limited Resource Environment

Andrew Inglis - MEASURE Evaluation

World Wide Human Geography Data Working Group

Justin Sherin - WWHGD Working Group (Booz Allen Hamilton)


Nigeria Mapping Summit

Kola Oyediran - MEASURE Evaluation


Core Curriculum for GIS Training

Clara Burgert, Thea Roy, and Blake Zachary - MEASURE DHS and MEASURE Evaluation

GIS Core Curriculum screenshot

KoBo Toolbox

Phuong Pham - KoBo Research


Update on Opensource Whitepaper

Jen Curran - MEASURE Evaluation


ESRI Maps for Office and ArcGIS Online

Salim Sawaya - ESRI

Presentation coming soon


Eric Gunderson - Development Seed


New Frontiers: Linking Family Planning Users to Health Facilities

Livia Montana - Measurement, Learning & Evaluation Project, Carolina Population Center (UNC-CH)


Introducing Geospatial Thinking to Humanitarian Interventions

Robert Banick - American Red Cross


Exploratory Spatial Analysis using GeoDa

Jay Stewart - MEASURE Evaluation


Mapping for Results

Johannes Kiess - World Bank


Community Mapping

Marc Cunningham - MEASURE Evaluation

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