Nigeria Health and Mapping Summit 2011 Resources

Introduction - Nigeria HMS
Planning Process - Nigeria HMS
Agenda - Nigeria Health and Mapping Summit
Keynote Address - Nigeria HMS
Communique - Nigeria HMS
Day 1 Summary - Nigeria HMS
Day 2 Summary - Nigeria HMS
Executive Summary - Nigeria HMS
Group Work - Nigeria HMS
Presentation 1
Brief Overview
Presentation 2
GIS and Primary Health care in Nigeria
Presentation 3
The Use of GIS Mapping to Determine the Distribution of Accredited Health Care Facilities in NHIS
Presentation 4
Mapping HIV/AIDS Services in Nigeria
Presentation 5
Service Availability Mapping NHMIS Unit, FMOH Experience
Presentation 6
Towards Creating a Standard Format for Geospatial Data Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination for Improved Health and Socioeconomic Policy
Presentation 7
Nigeria in Space: An Impetus for Improved Health Outcomes
Presentation 8
Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation
Presentation 9
Geospatial Resources Maintained Versus Needed at RECTAS and Major SDI Challenges
Presentation 10
The Experience of Some Countries with Good Spatial Data Infrastructure Linked with Effective and Improved Social Services in the Health Sector
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