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A GIS training in Kigali, Rwanda is blogged about by USAID M&E expert, Kristen Wares. The workshop brought 18 professionals together to discuss ways in which they are using GIS and opportunities to expand its use for decision making.

Kristen Wares, Public Health Advisor, USAID Office of HIV/AIDS blogs about her experience at a GIS training in Kigali, Rwanda organized by USAID-funded project, MEASURE Evaluation, in collaboration with Monitoring and Evaluation Management Systems and supported by USAD in collaboration with National AIDS Control Commission.

"By building local capacity in GIS, we are expanding “evidence-based decision making” for high quality and strategic health programs," says Wares.

MEASURE Evaluation trainers, Andrew Inglis and Clara Burgert, introduced the concept of GIS maps and their ability to link to a database that is capable of capturing, storing, querying, analyzing, displaying and outputting data. In addition to teaching concepts such as how to interpret maps and how to effectively use spatial data, the training provided participants an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience. 

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