Project Staff Gather to Exchange Experiences and Knowledge

Project staff came together to discuss approaches to evaluation, generate new ideas, and to improve technical skills and knowledge.
Project Staff Photo 640

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Country-based MEASURE Evaluation staff ascended upon Chapel Hill, North Carolina to meet each other and with the project’s researchers and core portfolio technical leads. 

Visits by country-based staff were part of a larger, week-long mid-project meeting that MEASURE Evaluation staff is attending in Charlottesville, Virginia to reconnect, discuss experiences and exchange knowledge in M&E of public health programs June 16-20, 2011. 

 “I attend many global meetings on M&E with very talented people,” says MEASURE Evaluation’s Senior Director, Sian Curtis, PhD. during the meeting’s opening remarks, “but it is hard to find a group quite like this.”

Staff used the week to think about current approaches to evaluation, collectively generate new ideas, improve technical skills and knowledge and operationalize strategic lines of action. 

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