Improving Family Planning Service Delivery to Adolescents in Ghana: Evidence from Rural Communities in Central Ghana

Findings from research conducted by the Kintampo Health Cenre, a MEASURE Evaluation PRH small grants recipient in Ghana.

On the Edge: Linking Climate Change, Food Security, and Population in Ethiopia

Findings of a recent analysis of the linkages between climate change, food security, and population in Ethiopia. 

Private Sector Involvement in Family Planning and Socio-economic Disparities in Modern Contraceptive Use

This presentation discusses research findings on the expansion of the role of private providers in the delivery of modern contraceptive supplies being disassociated with increased horizontal inequity in modern contraceptive use.

Women's Power and Choice of Family Planning Methods

This presentation examines associations between women’s empowerment and contraceptive use in selected African countries.

Disentangling the Effects of Wealth and Place of Residence to Interpret Trends in Health Inequalities

Poster presentation examining separate urban and rural wealth quintiles to pinpoint specific areas of inequality. This helps to determine how much of observed national trends in poverty-related health inequalities are attributable to poverty versus place of residence.

Developing and Testing a Framework and Approach for Measuring Success in Repositioning Family Planning

This presentation demonstrates the development of a frameworkfor which countries and programs can monitor and evaluate their progress toward repositioning family planning and how it was pilot-tested in Tanzania.

Measuring and Evaluating Reproductive Health Initiatives 

This presentation provides an overview of the process of updating the Compendium of Indicators for Evaluating Reproductive Health Programs and what the final product will include.

What characteristics differentiate method switchers from discontinuers? 

Findings from a one-year follow-up study with reversible method users conducted in Honduras 2006-2007.

Contraceptive Discontinuation in Urban Honduras

Results from a one-year follow-up study conducted in Honduras with reveversible method users.

Barriers to Adoption of Family Planning among Women in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Findings from research conducted by the Université Catholique du Graben, a MEASURE Evaluation PRH small grants recipient in the DRC.

Child Marriage and Reproductive Health Outcomes in South Asia

This presentation provides an understanding of the role of child marriage on reproductive health outcomes using evidence from a multi-country study in South Asia.

Maternal Health Care Utilization and Subsequent Contraceptive Use

Findings from research conducted using secondary data from Kenya and Zambia to determine if there is a causal relationship between maternal health care utlization and susequent contraceptive use.

Disentangling Poverty and Place of Residence for Family Planning Strategic Planning

MEASURE Evaluation PRH moderated a session at the 2011 International Conference on Family Planning on achieving equity in family planning.  Click here to view all the presentations from the panel discussion.