Family Planning and Reproductive Health Indicators Database


Welcome to the Family Planning and Reproductive Health Indicators Database. This site provides a comprehensive listing of the most widely used indicators for evaluating family planning and reproductive health programs in developing countries. The database contains definitions, data requirements, data sources, purposes, and issues for core indicators along with links to other websites and documents containing additional family planning and reproductive health indicators.

The Indicator Database replaces the Compendium of Indicators for Evaluating Reproductive Health Programs (MEASURE Evaluation, 2002) and was developed and is managed by the MEASURE Evaluation Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) project. Although funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), it applies to family planning and reproductive health programs sponsored by a variety of funding agencies, governments, or NGOs worldwide. Specifically, the database provides a menu of indicators to be used selectively as part of the evaluation of national programs, regional programs, and country projects.  Users of the database are encouraged to use the indicators as a template for country- or project-specific indicators, to be modified as necessary.

This is a dynamic site, being updated as-needed as family planning and reproductive health research and programming changes and evolves in response to current initiatives, such as Family Planning 2020, or to new government and donor priorities and policies, such as USAID's Evaluation Policy and its Gender Equality and Female Empowerment policy.


The Indicator Database is organized in three parts. One part is an overview of the database, as well as basic concepts in program evaluation. The second part presents indicators that crosscut the different programmatic areas of family planning and reproductive health and the third part contains indicators specific to major programmatic areas.

To find indicators, navigate to the toolbar at the top and view the technical or thematic areas under Crosscutting Indicators or Specific Programmatic Area Indicators. Selecting a sub-heading will display both the introduction and a menu of core indicators. Once an indicator is selected from the list on the right, the indicator guidance will appear.  The indicators can be viewed alphabetically by clicking on BROWSE INDICATORS in the tool bar. Selecting SEARCH on the tool bar and entering in one or more keywords provides another search mechanism.

At the bottom of each list of indicators is a link for Related Online Resources.  This provides a link to other online resources (i.e. databases, handbooks, guides, etc.) containing indicators by thematic or technical area.

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