Number of injections provided

Number of injections provided by a community health worker (CHW) to any type of client (new users or those receiving a resupply) during the reporting period. 

Number of injectables provided during reference period and the profile of family planning (FP) clients receiving injections.

Disaggregate by number of clients new to FP (first FP use ever; number of clients new to the method, but had previously used FP; number of resupply injections; and number of on-time injections (within grace period).

CHW client data reports

At a minimum, knowing the number of injections provided by CHWs can help program managers understand whether they have created enough demand for community-based access to injectable contraception services. Tracking the number of injections provided compared with program targets and past trends helps program managers identify concerns early.

This indicator does not capture the quality of the service delivery, such as accurate counselling provided to the FP client by the CHW, accidental needle sticks, or infections or abscesses at the site of the injection.

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