Number/Percent of community health workers certified to inject contraception

Of those community health workers (CHWs) trained, the number who passed a post-training practicum and became certified to offer injectable contraception.

As a percent this indicator is calculated as:

(Number of CHWs certified to inject contraception / Number of CHWs trained in providing injectable contraception) x 100

Criteria for passing a post-test will vary by program/country, but should include questions to ensure CHWs can properly screen for initiation of injectable contraception and can identify conditions that would require discontinuation. In most cases, only those who pass the written test should be eligible to take the practicum. The numerator can then be the number passing the practicum and the denominator the total number trained. 

Number of CHWs trained and the results of their practicum assessment

Program training records

Program managers should use this indicator to determine that the number of CHWs certified to inject contraception is sufficient to meet project goals. In addition, most of those trained should be officially certified within the program's regular certification time frame and process.

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