Extent to which LAPM supplies/equipment are on the approved import list


This indicator measures whether a country has included long-acting and permanent method (LAPM) supplies and equipment on its approved import list.  Most developing countries maintain lists of drugs, medical supplies and equipment which are cleared to be legally imported. EngenderHealth’s RESPOND Project has a full list of medical instruments and expendable medical supplies needed to provide LAPM.


Copy of import list to verify if LAPM supplies and equipment have been included

Most up-to-date essential drugs, medical supplies and equipment lists from the Ministry of Health or Procurement and Planning Division import list to verify if LAPM supplies and equipment have been included; key informant interviews with personnel from the procurement unit

If the essential supplies and equipment needed to provide LAPM services are not on approved import lists, people will face limited contraceptive choice and/or low quality services. Thus, this indicator can help determine if a country views LAPMs as being essential in satisfying the contraceptive needs of the national population.

Many of the supplies and equipment for LAPM services are not unique to those services, so it may be hard to tell if sufficient quantities are being acquired to support program needs now or in future. Larger developing countries may produce supplies and equipment domestically, so the import list may not be a true reflection of their availability and/or may reflect a protectionist government policy.

policy, long-acting/permanent methods (LAPM), family planning


Import lists that that exclude essential commodities for particular LAPMs may limit the contraceptive choice of women or men.