Method Choice

Welcome to the programmatic area on family planning (FP) method choice within MEASURE Evaluation’s Family Planning and Reproductive Health Indicators Database. Method choice is one of the subareas found in the family planning (FP) section of the database. All indicators for this area include a definition, data requirements, data source(s), purpose, issues and—if relevant—gender implications. 

  • Method choice is an essential element of FP programs that seek to meet country development goals and provide high-quality information, counseling, and services to women and couples of reproductive age. Method choice is client-centered, includes informed counseling by providers, ensures that women and couples make informed and voluntary decisions about FP use, and provides a full mix of modern contraceptive methods to support increased and continuous use.
  • Indicators presented here can be used to assess programmatic efforts to expand contraceptive choice through the provision of long-acting and permanent methods.
  • Key indicators to monitor and evaluate method choice can be found in the links at left.
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