Method information index

This indicator is an index that summarizes whether service providers supply adequate information to women when receiving family planning (FP) services. It measures the extent to which specific information is provided to help women to make informed choices. The index consists of three questions: Were you informed about other methods? Were you informed about side effects? Were you told what to do if you experienced side effects? The reported value is the percentage of women who responded “yes” to all three questions. Data can be disaggregated by method.

PMA2020 Survey in select year

This is an FP2020 core indicator. It provides information on the level of access women have to information and counseling on FP and can be used to compare and track trends in  counseling services provided.

This indicator does not  capture the quality of the FP counseling services. Where the indicator is primarily based on self-report, clients may not remember or know for certain whether their provider asked them all three questions.

communication, family planning, index, knowledge
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