ACC/SCN Administrative Committee on Coordination/Subcommittee on Nutrition
AED Academy for Educational Development
AIDS Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AMRO Regional Office of the World Health Organization
ANC Antenatal Care
AOL America on Line
APH Antepartum Hemorrhage
API AIDS Program Effort Index
AR Abortion Rate
ARH Adolescent Reproductive Health
ARI Acute Respiratory Infections
ASFR Age Specific Fertility Rate
ATTI Admission to Treatment Time Interval
BABIES Birth Weight, Age at death, Boxes, Intervention, Evaluation System
BCC Behavior Change Communication
BCG Bacille Calmette-Guerin
BEMFAM Sociedade Civil Bem-Estar Familiar no Brasil
BEOC Basic Essential Obstetric Care
BFHI Baby Friendly Hospitals Initiative
BMI Body Mass Index
BSS Behavioral Surveillance Survey
BUCEN Bureau of Census
BWSMR Birth Weight Specific Mortality Rate
CAFS Center for African Family Studies
CAs Cooperating Agencies
CBD Community Based Distribution
CBR Crude Birth Rate
CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention
CED Chronic Energy Deficiency
CEOC Comprehensive Essential Obstetric Care
CF Complementary Feeding
CFR Case Fatality Rate
CHANGE Center for Health and Gender Equity
CHR Committee on Human Research
COCs Combined Oral Contraceptives
CPI Client-Provider Interactions
CPR Contraceptive Prevalence Rate
CPTs Contraceptive Procurement Table
CRLP Center for Reproductive Law and Policy
CSI Care and Support Indicator
CSO Civil Society Organization
CYP Couple Years Protection
DFID British Department for International Development
DHS Demographic Health Survey
DTFR Desired Total Fertility Rate
EBR Exclusive Breastfeeding Rate
END Early Neonatal Death
ENMR Early Neonatal Mortality Rate
EOC Essential Obstetric Care
EPI Expanded Program on Immunization
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FEFO First-Expiry / First-Out
FGC Female Genital Cutting
FGM Female Genital Mutilation
FHI Family Health International
FHI BSS Family Health International Behavioral Surveillance Survey
FP Family Planning
FFP/RH Family Planning / Reproductive Health
FPMD Family Planning Management Development
GPA Global Programme on AIDS
GPS Geographic Positioning System
HARI Helping Individuals Achieve their Reproductive Intentions
HCP Health Care Provider
HIS Health Information Systems
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography
HRM Human Resource Management
ICD International Classification of Disease
ICPD International Conference on Population and Development
ICRW International Center for Research on Women
ICT Information and Communication Technology
IDD Iodine Deficiency Disorder
IDP Internally Displaced Persons
IEC Information Education Communication
IGSS Guatemalan Institute of Social Security
INACG International Nutritional Anemia Consultative Group
IOM/NAS Institute of Medicine / National Academy of Sciences
IOS International Organization for Standardization
IP Internet Protocol
IPPF International Planned Parenthood Federation
IPPF/WHR International Planned Parenthood Federation / Western Hemisphere Region
IPV Intimate Partner Violence
IRB Internal Review Board
ISP Internet Service Providers
IU International Units
IUD Intra-uterine Device
IUGR Intrauterine Growth Retardation
IVACG International Vitamin A Consultative Group
JHU Johns Hopkins University
JHU/CCP Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs
JHPIEGO Johns Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynecology and Obstetrics
JSI John Snow Incorporated
KPC Knowledge, Practices, and Coverage
LAM Lactational Amenorrhea Method
LAMM Latin American Maternal Mortality
LAR LAM Acceptor Rate
LBW Low Birth Weight
LIAT Logistics Information Assessment Tool
LMIS Logistics Management Information System
LNMR Late Neonatal Mortality Rate
LSAT Logistics System Assessment Tool
LUR Lactational Amenorrhea Method Use Rate
M&E Monitoring and Evaluation
MASFR Marital Age-Specific Fertility Rate
MCH Maternal Child Health
MEASURE Monitoring and Evaluation to ASsess and Use REsults
MICS Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey
MIS Management Information System
MMR Maternal Mortality Ratio
MNPI Maternal Neonatal Program Index
MOH Ministry of Health
MSH Management Sciences for Health
MOST Management and Organizational Sustainability Tool
MTCT Mother to Child Transmission
MUAC Mid Upper Arm Circumference
MVA Manual Vacuum Aspiration
NCPD National Council for Population and Development Kenya
NEHK New Emergency Health Kit
NFP Natural Family Planning
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NHANES National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
NHS National Health Service
NIDI Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute
NMR Neonatal Mortality Rate
NT Neonatal Tetanus
NTMR Neonatal Tetanus Mortality Rate
OB-GYN Obstetrics and Gynecology
OCHA UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
OD Organization Development
OR Operations Research
ORC Opinion Research Corporation
PAC Postabortion Care
PAHO Pan American Health Organization
PAI Population Action International
PAPFAM Pan Arab Family Health Surveys
PCS/JHU/CCP Population Communication Services
PASCA Programa Acción SIDA de Centro América
PES Policy Environment Score
PIN Prevention Indicators
PI Performance Improvement
PIT Presumptive Intermittent Treatment
PL 480 Public Law 480
PMP Performance Monitoring Plans
PMR Perinatal Mortality Rate
PNA Performance Needs Assessment
PNC Postnatal Care
PNMR Perinatal Mortality Rate
PPC Postpartum Care
PRB Population Reference Bureau
PSI Population Services International
PVO Private Voluntary Organization
QA Quality Assurance
QAP Quality Assurance Project
QAP/URC Quality Assurance Project University Research Corporation
QC Quality of Care
QIQ Quick Investigation of Quality
RAMOS Reproductive Age Mortality Surveys
RBP Retinol Binding Protein
RH Reproductive Health
RHS Reproductive Health Survey
RPR Rapid Plasma Reagin
SA Situation Analysis
SAM Service Availability Module
SDP Service Delivery Point
SEICUS Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States
SPA Service Provision Assessment
SRH Sexual-Reproductive Health
STI Sexually Transmitted Infections
SV Sexual Violence
TA Technical Assistance
TAR Total Abortion Rate
TB Tuberculosis
TBA Traditional Birth Attendants
TFR Total Fertility Rate
TIS Training Information System
TMFR Total Marital Fertility Rate
TT Tetanus Toxoid
UNAIDS Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS
UNFPA United Nations Population Fund
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNICEF United Nations Children?s Fund
USAID United States Agency for International Development
UTFR Unwanted Total Fertility Rate
VAS Visual and Analogue Scale
VAW Violence Against Women
VCT Voluntary Counseling and Testing
VDRL Venereal Disease Reference Laboratory
VE Vaccine Efficacy
VSC Voluntary Surgical Contraception
WFS World Fertility Survey
WHO World Health Organization
WHO/MI World Health Organization Micronutrient
WHR World Health Report
WRA Women of Reproductive Age
WTFR Wanted Total Fertility Rate
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