Number of instances of organizations facilitating access to services outside of their traditional sectors

This indicator aims to capture instances where organizations implement a specific activity or group of activities outside their traditional sectors.  It targets population-health-environment (PHE) project implementation models where an organization that traditionally works in one sector (i.e., population, health, or environment) either works with an organization of a different sector or directly implements services traditionally provided by a different sector.

Record of the number of times an organization has facilitated access to a population, health, or environment service outside of its traditional sector

Project records, secondary records.

The provision of health services is a new technical area for most employees of conservation organizations, and working with conservation organizations to provide health services is new to public health organizations. When one organization facilitates access to a service outside of its traditional sector, it is accepting or promoting an integrated approach to responding to community needs.  This is a proxy indicator for organization’s effort to participate in multi-sectoral or integrated projects.


Some organizations already provide services across sectors as part of their mission or established programs. The goal of this indicator is to capture those organizations

that make new or increased efforts to facilitate access to other sector services to communities outside of the longstanding tradition of their organization. This instance may be a single event or may be described once but comprising multiple activities/events in the context of a larger effort.

This indicator does not measure the quality of the facilitation of services or what the access to services outside of their traditional sector entailed.

access, population-health-environment (PHE), integration