Family Planning Workforce

Welcome to the programmatic area on family planning (FP) workforce within MEASURE Evaluation’s Family Planning and Reproductive Health Indicators Database. FP workiforce is one of the subareas found in the health systems section of the database. All indicators for this area include a definition, data requirements, data source(s), purpose, and issues. 

Strengthening a country's FP workforce enables it to support and implement priority interventions that expand access to FP products and services. Robust human resource systems that enable strong human resource management will reinforce sustainability of the FP workforce. This goal can be achieved by supporting the FP workforce in the following ways:

  • Increase the number and availability of FP workers through task sharing, supporting dedicated FP workers, incorporating providers outside the formal healthcare system, and enhancing the supply chain management workforce.
  • Enhance the competency of FP workers through high-quality preservice education and in-service training or continuous professional development.
  • Create an enabling environment for implementation of sound human resource management practices and support local, national, regional, and global coordination and collaboration.

Key indicators to monitor and evaluate training can be found in the links at left.

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