Total Market Approach

Welcome to the programmatic area on the Total Market Approach (TMA) to family planning (FP) within MEASURE Evaluation’s Family Planning and Reproductive Health Indicators Database. TMA is one of the subareas found in the family planning section of the database. All indicators for this area include a definition, data requirements, data source(s), purpose, issues and—if relevant—gender implications. 

  • TMA is an approach to coordinating FP services among health planners and facilities, commodity suppliers, and funders from governmental, commercial, and private or nongovernmental sectors. With a TMA, these sectors work together to increase the market for and the availability of FP services and methods. The advantages of a TMA are that it improves market efficiency, increases consumer choice and ranges of affordability so that many socio-economic groups can participate, and has the potential to effectively track trends in the market.
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