Percent of service delivery points reporting gaps in availability of each family planning method or service



The percent of service delivery points (SDPs) that report experiencing a gap in services for a specific family planning (FP) method or service, owing to unavailability in the past 30 days. Unavailability can be caused by stockouts, provider absence, clinic closure, and so on. This indicator can be calculated for each single method or service of interest or aggregated for all FP methods and services. 

This indicator is calculated as:

(Number of SDPs where a service provider reported a gap in service availability for a specific FP method in the past 30 days/Total number of service providers that offer services for a specific FP method) x 100

Data Requirements:

It can be disaggregated by geographic location, urban or rural classification, type of SDP, and FP method or service.

Data Sources:

Retail audit or survey; for the private sector, a neutral player t hat has the experience and reach across the private sector


Access to FP can be hampered by product stockouts or gaps in services (e.g. due to a lack of trained personnel) at retail outlets, clinics, or other places where people access FP.  This indicator is a useful benchmark for service delivery readiness to provide FP services.


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