Percent of total family planning products or services sold, distributed, or provided by the market leader



The percent of each type of family planning (FP) product or service provided by the market leader during a given period (e.g., the past year). The market leader is the entity that accounts for the greatest market volume of that product or service. The market leader’s market share is calculated separately for each type of FP product or service.

This indicator is calculated as:

(Volume of a specific FP product or service that was provided by the market leader/Total market volume for that specific FP product or service) x 100 

Data Sources:

Program data; service statistics; third-party expert data science company, such as IQVIA, that collects market value information.


This is one of the indicators used to assess the extent to which the market is dominated by one brand or player. This measure can indicate whether there is healthy market competition.


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