Total number of each type of family planning product or service sold, distributed, or provided across all sectors



The total number of family planning (FP) products or services (i.e., contraceptive methods) sold, distributed, or provided across all sectors—public, NGO (nongovernmental organization), and commercial—also known as the market volume. Market volume should include all products on the market in a reference period (e.g., the past year), regardless of cost. Total market volume will include any free products distributed as well as any products sold. 

The calculation for this indicator is as follows: 

Total number of free products distributed + Total number of products or services sold at a subsidized cost or at cost-recovery levels + Total number of products or services sold for profit 

Data Requirements:

Records of number and types of FP products or services sold, distributed, or provided across sectors

This indicator can be disaggregated by sector, product or service, geographic location, and urban/rural classification.

Data Sources:

Program data, service statistics


This indicator is essential for determining market size. A good understanding of market size is essential for making decisions about the types and volume of FP products that are needed. It is also necessary for understanding the extent to which the current system meets the demand for FP. This indicator, which assesses market volume, refers to the number of products and services currently on the market. Market volume can be compared to universe of need to identify opportunities for market growth.


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