Number of family planning providers trained on male-specific family planning

A "family planning (FP) provider" is any health worker (e.g., physician, nurse, or community health extension worker) who provides FP counselling and methods. "Male-specific FP" refers to male-controlled contraceptives (condoms and vasectomy) and FP counselling to men. This includes couples’ counselling, because men who are counselled on FP are often accompanied by their partners. "Training" can refer to any type of male-specific FP training event, regardless of its duration or location. It involves a trainee getting a thorough understanding of the essential knowledge required to perform the job and progressing from either lacking skills or having minimal skills to being proficient.

Sex, type of provider, and type of training (pre-service or in-service)

This indicator can be disaggregated by geographic location. If targeting and/or linking to inequity, classify trainees by areas served (poor/not poor) and disaggregate by area served. 

Training attendance rosters from project records and public and private facility records of in-service trainings (usually kept by the training division), which are used both for administrative purposes during the training (e.g., distributing per diem) and for monitoring trainees at a later date.

This indicator serves as a crude measure of activity and provider knowledge of male-specific FP methods. Evaluators can use it for determining whether a program/project meets its target and/or for tracking progress from one year to the next.

Because this indicator does not assess improved knowledge and/or skills, it should be used in conjunction with the indicator, Number/Percent of trainees who have mastered relevant knowledge, as appropriate.

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