Number of visits to male-focused services, by type of service

The number of "visits“ refers to each occasion on which an individual seeks assistance from a given health facility (or male-focused service within a larger facility).

The number of visits will be the same or greater than the number of persons using the service (reflecting some repeat visits to the service).

Number of visits, by type of visit

Program service statistics

The indicator reflects the volume of service provided to men for reproductive health problems, as well as the nature of the prob­lems treated. It is useful in justifying the continuation of this type of service if demand remains high. Also, it al­lows program managers to adjust staffing patterns based on the services most in demand.

An alternative indicator is the number of individuals seek­ing information and/or services. This indicator raises the question of possible repeat visitors, which is not an issue with “number of visits.”

This indicator represents a minimum of information needed to track male use of reproductive health  facilities. Any studies determining client satisfaction with the services will fur­ther enhance the monitoring process.

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