Number or percent of facilities that offer vasectomy services

Among the health facilities in a given area that provide family planning (FP) services, the number or percentage currently offering vasectomy services on-site during a specified time frame (e.g., one year or at the time of data collection). 

As a percent, this indicator is calculated as follows:

(Number of facilities currently offering vasectomy services on-site / Total number of surveyed facilities providing FP services) x 100

Facility survey/responses to a facility survey question asking whether a facility offers vasectomy services. Vasectomies can be part of the facility’s routinely offered services, or they can be provided periodically on-site by a visiting provider, in which case the service must have been offered during the specified time frame.

The question or questionnaire should specify that the service must be provided on-site, rather than as client referrals.

Data can be disaggregated by geographic location, type of facility, type of vasectomy (conventional or no-scalpel), or type of service (i.e., routinely offered at a facility or periodically).

Facility survey or a service provision assessment (SPA)

This indicator determines the extent to which facilities that offer FP are providing a permanent FP method to male clients. It is also a long-term indication of whether a national FP policy that includes permanent methods is being implemented. 

This indicator does not assess quality of vasectomy services.  To measure quality, it is recommended to use this with a complimentary indicator, “Percent of facilities offering vasectomy services that meet the minimum standards with regard to essential supplies and equipment.”

access, family planning, long-acting/permanent methods (LAPM), male engagement