Percent of men who disagree that contraception is a woman's business and a man should not have to worry about it

The percentage of men ages 15–54 years who respond negatively to the statement “contraception is a woman’s concern, and a man should not have to worry about it.”

This indicator is calculated as follows:

(Number of men surveyed/interviewed who report they disagree with the above statement / Total number of men surveyed/interviewed) x 100

Survey data from men

This indicator can be disaggregated by age, marital status (all men, currently married men, or sexually active unmarried men), and geographic location.

DHS men’s questionnaire

Data collection may include men ages 15–49, 15–54, or 15–59, depending on the local context.

This indicator quantitatively measures men’s perceptions of shared responsibility in family planning and contraceptive use. 

attitude, family planning, male engagement