Evidence of engagement of men in family planning incorporated in national health standards or policies

Instances in which there is concrete evidence of engagement of men in existing national/subnational policies or strategic plans that promote family planning (FP) services and information. Policy implementation is the process of carrying out and accomplishing a policy, in this case, male engagement in FP. This may require the creation of an implementation plan, policy, or strategy guidelines, and a budget line item to ensure that the policy or strategy is carried out in the manner that was intended by policymakers.

National health standards or policies

This indicator can be disaggregated by stage (proposed, drafted, or adopted).

Directive, resolution, tool to measure policy implementation, meeting minutes providing evidence of dialogue among national and subnational governments on new guidelines, evidence of activity plans or reports that show the policy is being used, or key informant interviews.

The inclusion of men in formal health standards or policy documents reflects a country’s recognition of and commitment to male involvement in FP.

family planning, male engagement, policy