This database reflects a great amount of work by several individuals, organizations, and working groups over the past decade in monitoring and evaluating family planning/reproductive health programs in developing countries.

USAID provided the support for this database under the MEASURE Evaluation Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) project through Cooperative Agreement GHA-A-00-08-00003-00 and implemented by the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  We wish to acknowledge Jacob Adetunji and Rachel Lucas, USAID  technical advisors to MEASURE Evaluation PRH, for their guidance throughout this process. The database was updated in 2017.

The main author of this database is Bridgit Adamou with Eilene Bisgrove as the Senior Technical Advisor and collaborating writer. Janine Barden-O'Fallon, MEASURE Evaluation PRH Project Director, provided technical assistance and oversight. We thank Ed Van Duinen, Yi Liu, and Billy Saelim for the web development and Julie Mohlman for data entry.

We would like to acknowledge the contributors to this database, including the original authors of the Compendium of Indicators for Evaluating Reproductive Health Programs (2002), Jane Bertrand and Gabriela Escuedero, and those that contributed to the Compendium. Additionally, we wish to acknowledge, alphabetically, the following individuals who contributed to the content in this database:

Mary Ann Abeyta-Benke USAID
Linda Adair UNC-Chapel Hill
Juan Carlos Alegre MSH
Lindsay Allen UC-Davis
Soumya Alva AIM Global Health
Ian Askew Population Council
Michal Avni USAID
Patsy Bailey FHI
Gary Barker The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)
Bernard Barrere Macro International
Janie Benson Ipas
Cynthia Berg National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC 
Ruth Berg ABT Associates 
Giles Bergeron AED
Shelah Bloom MEASURE Evaluation
Bruno Bouchet FHI
Carolyn Boyce Pathfinder International
Sarah Bradley Macro International
Doortje Braeken IPPF/London
Judith Bruce Population Council
Holly Burke FHI
Adam Buzzacco IntraHealth (Capacity Plus)
Linda Cahaelen USAID
Tony Castleman AED (Fanta-2)
Elaine Charurat JHPIEGO
Parul Christian JHU 
Carmen Coles USAID
Anne Cross Macro International
Carolyn Curtis USAID
Sîan Curtis MEASURE Evaluation
Bernadette Daelmans WHO
Heather D’Agnes USAID
Virginia de Azevedo City of Cape Town Dept. of Health, Khayelitsha Sub-district
Megan Deitchler AED
Kim Dickson WHO
Nafissatou Diop UNFPA
Cody Donahue Tostan
Mary Drake JHPIEGO
Melissa Dunn MEASURE Evaluation
Dan Edwards Consultant, Training Resources Group (TRG)
Leslie Elder Save the Children (Saving Newborn Lives)
Marguerite Farrell USAID
Fariyal Fikree Population Reference Bureau
Karen Foreit Futures Group
Nina Frankel IntraHealth
Nancy Fronczak Consultant
Katherine Gifford UNFPA
Victoria Graham USAID
Gulchin Gulmamadova UNC-Chapel Hill
Gwyn Hainsworth Pathfinder International
Michael Hainsworth IntraHealth
David Hamer Boston University Schools of Public Health and Medicine
Karen Hardee Consultant
Joan Healy Ipas
Amie Heap USAID
Britt Herstad Futures Group
Virginia Hight IntraHealth
David Hotchkiss Tulane (Health Systems 20/20)
Natasha Hsi ABT Associates (SHOPS)
Barbara Janowitz FHI
Nicole Judice Futures Group
Inoussa Kabore FHI
Justine Kavle Georgetown University (FAM)
Larry Kincaid JHU/CCP
Sunita Kishor Macro International
Rolf Klemm JHU and AED (A2Z Micronutrient Project)
Marge Koblinsky JSI
Sandra Krause Women’s Refugee Commission
Miriam Labbock UNC-Chapel Hill (Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute)
Anne LaFond JSI
Virginia Lamprecht (Ginzy) USAID
Catherine Lane USAID
Evelyn Landry EngenderHealth (Fistula Care)
Lynn Lawry US Department of Defense and Harvard Medical School
Andrew Levack EngenderHealth
Jessica Levy UNC-Chapel Hill
Rebecka Lundgren Georgetown University (FAM)
Patricia MacDonald USAID
Heidi Marriott IPPF/London
Catharine McKaig JHPIEGO
Jim Mercy National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, CDC
Vicky Michener AED
Elizabeth Snyder Futures Group
Lynne Miller Franco University Research Co. (Health Care Improvement Project)
Kristen Mmari JHU
Allisyn Moran Save the Children (Saving Newborn Lives)
Cate Neill Ipas
Crystal Ng IntraHealth (Capacity Plus)
Maureen Norton USAID
Sarah Pacqué-Margolis IntraHealth (Capacity Plus)
Leslie Patykewich JSI
Mary Paul UNC-Chapel Hill
Cary Perry MSH
Kevin Pilz USAID
Beth Plowman Consultant (Saving Newborn Lives)
May Post Pathfinder International (ESD Project)
Bill Powell Ipas
Diana Prieto USAID
Julie Pulerwitz PATH
Susan Purdin IRC
Celia Pyper Oxford University
Daniel Raiten Center for Research for Mothers and Children, NIH
Sandhya Rao USAID
Kathleen Rasmussen Cornell University
Rushna Ravji USAID
Heidi Reynolds MEASURE Evaluation
Erika Ronnow JSI (DELIVER)
Anna-Kaye Rowe Advocates for Youth
Julia Samuelson WHO
David Sarley JSI (DELIVER)
Sidney Schuler AED
Hannah Searing EngenderHealth (RESPOND)
David Searly JSI
Mahua Sen IPPF/London
Florina Serbanescu National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC
Anna Maria Siega-Riz UNC-Chapel Hill
La Rue Siems MSH (Saving Newborn Lives)
Callie Simon Pathfinder International
Kavita Singh MEASURE Evaluation
Jeff Spieler USAID
Ilene Speizer MEASURE Evaluation
John Stanback FHI
Ellen Starbird USAID
Charles Stephenson UC-Davis
Patricia Stephenson USAID
Kristen Stolka Pathfinder International (ESD Project)
Beth Sutherland MEASURE Evaluation
Jim Thomas MEASURE Evaluation
Alex Todd-Lippock USAID
Jenny Truong USAID
Vivien Tsu PATH
Amy Tsui JHU, Center for Global Health
Denise Vaillencourt USAID
Beth Vann UNHCR Consultant
Joshua Volle AED (C-Change)
Hong Wang Abt Associates
Carla White Pathfinder International (ESD Project)
Rose Wilcher FHI
Nancy Williamson FHI
Nancy Yinger EngenderHealth (RESPOND)
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