Percent of employees who have completed their annual performance reviews with their supervisors for the last performance period

The organization's adherence to standards when it supervises and reviews employee performance.

Performance review, an assessment of the employee's performance by the supervisor and employee, is ideally based on jointly established work plans, performance objectives, and results related to expectations. The review is the cornerstone of the supervision process and an important element in overall performance management. Performance management is defined as the systems, policies, and procedures used by an organization to define and monitor the work that employees do and to ensure that the tasks and priorities of employees are consistent with the strategy of the organization. Performance reviews address the need of all staff for clear expectations of their work.

This indicator is calculated as:

(Number of employees who have completed their annual performance reviews with their supervisors for the last performance period / Total number of employees eligible for an annual performance review) x 100

Description of supervision and performance review standards; evidence that supervision and performance reviews adhere to standards and have been completed.

Personnel files

Supervision and assessment of employee performance are critical functions of human resource management. Measuring adherence to standards assumes that the organization has written standards defining the requirements for a complete and high-quality review, as well as defining its frequency.

To measure the indicator, an evaluator (external to the organization or the Director of Human Resources for an organization) first reviews written human resources policy documents and establishes the standards for conducting supervision and the requirement for written documentation of the review. S/he then reviews a sample of personnel files (or all files if resources are available or the number of employees is small) and checks the documentation to see if supervision/performance review adheres to standards of timeliness, completeness, and accessibility.

Staff performance reviews should be applied system-wide, regardless of poverty status of clientele.

Standards for completion vary greatly by organization/ program. For example, some organizations may require signatures by both the staff member and his/her supervisor in the instance of a joint performance review. In other instances, where a supervision checklist appears in "audit" form, only the supervisor may be required to sign the completed document. Some organizations have the additional requirement of documentation of salary changes/promotion; others require a written performance plan for the next period of review (e.g., 12 months).

The indicator assumes a well-documented supervision/ performance review system is in place.

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