Number/percent of training events that achieve learning objectives

"Objectives" are outlined in the training curriculum or syllabus.

This indicator is calculated as:

(# of courses that achieve outlined objectives / Total # of courses evaluated) x 100

[If assessed by participants] Response to the question "in your opinion, did the course meet the objectives outlined in the first session?"

[If assessed by independent observer with expertise in the content area] Review of the course content and observation of trainees. acquisition of knowledge and skills

Evaluation of the training event by trainees upon its completion; or notes of independent course observer

The purpose of this indicator is to determine whether the content of the training provides trainees with the knowledge and skills outlined in the course objectives. Evaluations by trainers/participants are widely used in training sessions for service personnel. Observation by an independent observer with expertise on the topic is more common in training of trainer courses.

Evaluations are subject to a courtesy bias, especially if participants doubt the confidentiality of the exercise or if they have developed a positive interpersonal relationship with the trainers over the course of the event. Those administering the evaluation can best reduce this bias if they stress that the answers will remain confidential and that the trainees should not put their names on the evaluation forms.