Percent of adolescents aware of the program

The percent of adolescents who report knowing of the adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (AYSRH) program's services and/or activities

The services and activities will be specific to each pro­gram. Thus, the indicator may refer to SRH or life-skills education in schools or work­places; RH services at clinics or youth centers; the existence of youth organizations, and radio or television programs for youth.

This indicator is calculated as:

(# of adolescents aware of the program/ Total # of adolescents surveyed) x 100


Responses to survey questions on awareness of the program‘s existence and activities by adolescents.  The preferred procedure is to first ask about program‘s ser­vices for youth without prompting; then, for adolescents who do not spontaneously report knowledge of the pro­gram, to identify the program and ask if the respondent has heard of it.  If the program has a discernable logo, the evaluators may want to show the logo and ask the respondent if s/he recognizes it or knows what it is for.

Evaluators may want to disaggregate by the following age ranges: 10-14, 15-19, and 20-24.

Survey of adolescents in the program‘s intended popu­lation

Before adolescents can use a program, they must know it exists. This indicator provides program managers with a basis for assessing whether they must initiate promo­tional or awareness-raising activities as part of their youth initiative.

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