Percent of adults in community who have a favorable view of the program

The percent of adults from the intended audience in the geographic area covered by the adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (AYSRH) program who report that they “like,” “support,“ or “agree“ with the goals, ob­jectives, and activities of the program

This indicator is calculated as:

# of adults who have a favorable view of the program x 100


Total # of adults surveyed

Responses to survey questions on adult views of the program

Surveys of adults in the population covered by the pro­gram

Although a positive image among adolescents is the most crucial, parental and adult perceptions of AYSRH programs are also important to program success in view of the key role adults play in shaping adolescent atti­tudes and perceptions. If parents and adults in the com­munity disapprove of a program, their lack of support often influences the attitudes and behaviors of adoles­cents. The importance of adult perceptions and sup­port are demonstrated in a study in Zambia, which found that trends in adolescent use of SRH services were more strongly associated with adult acceptance of providing such services to youth than at­tributes of the services themselves were (Nelson, Magnani, and Bond, 2001).

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