Links to other indicator resources

Title Organization Year Page Number(s)
Monitoring Emergency Obstetric Care: A handbook WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF, AMDD 2010
Countdown to 2015: Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival UNICEF 2012 203-209
Indicators for Reproductive Health Program Evaluation: Nutrition, Safe Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Adolescent Health, STD/HIV Infection MEASURE Evaluation 1995 32-33
Maternal and Newborn Standards and Indicators Compendium USAID, CORE Group 2004 21-60, 73-74
Packages of Interventions for Family Planning, Safe Abortion Care, Maternals, Newborn and Child Health WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA 2010
Integrated Management of Pregnancy and Childbirth – Obstetric Fistula: Guiding principles for clinical management and programme development WHO 2006 28-29
National-level monitoring of the achievement of universal access to reproductive health: conceptual and practical considerations and related indicators WHO, UNFPA 2008
Part II: Indicators for Reducing Maternal Mortality UNFPA 2004 10 through 16
Guidelines for Monitoring the Availability and Use of Obstetric Services UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA 1997
Measuring Maternal Mortality from a Census: Guidelines for Potential Users MEASURE Evaluation 2001 3
A Guide for Monitoring and Evaluating Population-Health-Environment Programs MEASURE Evaluation 2007 48-59
A Guide for Measuring and Evaluating Child Health Programs MEASURE Evaluation 2005
Reproductive Health Indicators: Guidelines for their generation, interpretation and analysis for global monitoring WHO 2006
Monitoring Reproductive Health: Selecting a short list of national and global indicators WHO 1997
A guide on indicators for monitoring and reporting on the health sector response to HIV/AIDS WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS 2009
A Framework to Identify Gender Indicators for Reproductive Health and Nutrition Programming Interagency Gender Working Group 2002 25-26
Using the UN Process Indicators of Emergency Obstetric Services: Questions and Answers AMDD program 2003
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