Monitoring Scale-up of Health Practices and Interventions

July 2013

Discussion led by Bridgit Adamou

A MEASURE Evaluation PRH webinar presenting the Guide to Monitoring Scale-up of Health Practices and Interventions and discussing key considerations for monitoring scale-up.

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Measuring Success in Repositioning Family Planning

June 2013

Discussion led by Nicole Judice and Liz Snyder

Countries can use the Framework for Monitoring and Evaluating Efforts to Reposition Family Planning to monitor and evaluate progress in the policy and advocacy process to increase political and financial commitment for family planning.

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Enhancing Family Planning and Reproductive Health Decision Making through GIS Data Linking

May 2013

Discussion led by James Stewart

MEASURE Evaluation PRH addresses how GIS data linking can help improve family planning and reproductive health program decision making. Participants discuss results of a 2011 case study in Rwanda to assess the utility of a GIS to link, visualize, and analyze multi-sectoral data for FP/RH decision making.

What Makes a Good Performance Management Plan? A new tool for managers

March 2013

Discussion led by Tory M. Taylor

This webinar introduces a tool to assist project managers in conducting effective Performance Management Plan (PMP) reviews. The tool is a brief, comprehensive checklist that provides feedback to implementing partners and covers essential elements of a comprehensive PMP.

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