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RHIS and GIS: How Geography Can Strengthen Use and Analysis of Routine Health Information - June 2011
Results-Based Financing of Health Services and the Role of Routine Health Information Systems - December 2010
RHINO forum looking at the linkages and their implications between Results Based Finance (RFB) and Routine Health Information Systems (RHIS)
Measuring and Improving Routine Health Information System Performance for Health Systems Strengthening - March 2010
4th RHINO International Workshop
RHIS and Improving Health Care Quality: Use of RHIS to Strengthen Quality of Service Delivery - November 2009
RHINO Forume on the use of routine health information systems to strengthen quality of health services delivery, touching on topics that included the use of data for routine monitoring of quality as well as the role of data in supporting efforts to improve health systems.
Is Integration of Health Information Systems Possible? Some Issues and Considerations - July 2009
RHINO forum on integration of health information systems
Data Quality Assurance for RHIS and M&E - April 2009
RHINO Forum on data quality assurance
Community-level Program Information Reporting (CLPIR) Toolkit - January 2009
RHINO Forum on the Community-level Program Information Reporting (CLPIR) Toolkit
Community Based Health Information Systems - August 2007
RHINO Forum on community based health information systems
Developing Hospital Management Information Systems - February 2007
RHINO Forum on Developing Hospital Management Information Systems
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
RHINO Forum on Geographic Information Systems applications for Routine Health Information
Why Open Source Software (OSS) for RHINO?
RHINO forum in using open source software
Integrating Routine Health Information Systems: How much is too much? - July 2002
RHINO Forum in July 2012 on integrating information systems
Developing a Culture of Information as a Key Determinant of Sustainable Quality Information Availability and Use - April 2002
RHINO Forum: "Developing a culture of information as a key determinant of sustainable quality information availability and use."
Health Information Systems—Routine, and Not Sexy - 2001
RHINO Forum: "Taking into consideration the constraints of competing priorities, to what degree should programme managers devote time and resources towards addressing motivational issues when establishing routine monitoring systems—and why?"
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