Community Based Health Information Systems - August 2007

RHINO Forum on community based health information systems

Moderated By: Ryoko Yokoyama (John Snow, Inc.) and Edward W. Kunyanga (Macro International)

August 13-18, 2007

More than 100 RHINO members from 13 countries registered for the RHINO forum on Community Based Health Information Systems (CBHIS). Thank you all for your participation and sharing experiences. Below is a summary of our discussions.

The forum started off with the moderator posing five key questions around which participants were asked to share their experiences.

  • How can community level programs continue to meet community information needs while at the same time responding to needs at higher levels for standardized information and indicators?
  • What factors related to the organization of the community should be in place to successfully scale up a CBHIS?
  • How can community programs motivate front-line service providers to collect and use information? How do communities and community programs benefit from use of information?
  • How can programs measure if action was taken as a result of information provided through a CBHIS?
  • What interventions, tools or inputs are most needed to move CBHIS forward? For example, training? Data collection tools? Harmonized indicators?
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