Community-level Program Information Reporting (CLPIR) Toolkit - January 2009

RHINO Forum on the Community-level Program Information Reporting (CLPIR) Toolkit

Moderated by Upama Khatri (John Snow, Inc.) and Ryoko Yokoyama (John Snow, Inc.)

January 26-30, 2009

Letter to participants:

We encourage everyone to contribute their experiences and ideas to the forum and hope these discussions will be interesting and relevant for you and your work. As a reminder, there are two main objectives of this forum. First, we are in the process of field testing the Community‐level Program Information Reporting System (CLPIR) Toolkit and want your feedback and input on the tools and resources in the toolkit. Second, we hope that the discussions, information and lessons shared during the forum will benefit you and others who are working to improve and strengthen information and information systems for community‐level HIV/AIDS programs and activities. 

Today (Monday 26 January, 2009) is the first day of the forum. Today we would like to 1) have a general discussion on what you think are the issues that are most important for community‐based health information systems (CB‐HIS) and 2) get your general impressions and feedback on the toolkit.

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