Is Integration of Health Information Systems Possible? Some Issues and Considerations - July 2009

RHINO forum on integration of health information systems

Moderated by Francis Kiweewa (John Snow, Inc.) and Anwer Aqil (John Snow, Inc.)

July 27-31, 2009

Letter to forum participants:

Good morning colleagues.

Welcome to the fourth RHINO forum. We have sent you the Forum background and objectives earlier. We look forward to sharing experiences and learning from each other. As noted, we will discuss one objective per day. Today’s objective is:

  • Discuss rationale for HIS integration in general and RHIS in particular

To achieve this objective, we present a scenario to start the discussion. The Ministry of Health in country XYZ is reviewing its five years health policy. The Minister of Health has asked to prepare a brief on HIS integration. Like always, it is an urgent request and limit is one page.

  • What would you advice the Minister on what the pros and con of HIS integration are, keeping in mind your experiences and country situation.

Please feel free to share you positive and negative experiences, as we learn from them. If you feel that scenario is restricting your contribution, then please feel free to discuss as you like, keeping the day’s objective in mind.

Looking forward to a lively and informative discussion.

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