Results-Based Financing of Health Services and the Role of Routine Health Information Systems - December 2010

RHINO forum looking at the linkages and their implications between Results Based Finance (RFB) and Routine Health Information Systems (RHIS)

Moderated by Jim Setzer (Abt Associates, Inc.)

December 13 - 17, 2010

SUMMARY By Jim Setzer, Moderator

As moderator for our forum looking at the linkages and their implications between Results Based Finance (RFB) and Routine Health Information Systems (RHIS) and on behalf of the RHINO secretariat I would like give a big RHINO stomp to all and to say how pleased we were with the active participation and exchange that took place during our online forum 13‐17 December, 2010. Our forum, for which 177 members registered, matched the RHINO record for most participants registered (a shared honor with the DQA forum which seems quite natural given the importance of both topics and their intersection). The thoughtful and fast paced exchanges kept me on my toes and taught me a great deal in the process. I trust that the forum was interesting, timely and thought provoking for all of us. I also hope that linkages were made between practitioners that can continue to enrich our work in the future. I reconnected with some old friends and coworkers and now can look forward to some friendly faces (well technically there are no “faces” on the internet but all our participants do have one and you understand what I mean) if I have the chance to visit the many places where our contributors are working. I hope you feel the same.

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