RHIS and GIS: How Geography Can Strengthen Use and Analysis of Routine Health Information - June 2011

The week of June 27 - July 1, 2011 RHINO hosted an online forum on RHIS and GIS: How geography can strengthen use and analysis of routine health information.

The forum had 175 participants, over 30 countries were represented and domestically in the US, over 20 (of the 50) states were represented.

Below you can find links to the forums summary, transcript and the attachments (maps and example information) shared during the forum:

The forum summary

RHIS and GIS forum Transcript

Attachments shared during the forum

The forum was hosted by John Spencer, Senior Geospatial Analyst for MEASURE Evaluation and Andrew Inglis, GIS Advisor for MEASURE Evaluation and USAID DELIVER project.

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