Why Open Source Software (OSS) for RHINO?

RHINO forum in using open source software

Moderated By: Mark Spohr, MD (Medical Informatics, Inc.)


There has been a lot of publicity recently about "Open Source Software" (OSS).

You probably have many questions:

  • What is OSS?
  • What does it mean to my organization?
  • How can I benefit from OSS?
  • What OSS software is available for RHINO applications?

We'll be hosting a forum to discuss OSS and we hope to answer all of your questions as well as have a stimulating and interesting discussion along the way.

OSS is often called "Free" software where the word "free" is used to mean "free speech." The French word "libre" is a good translation. OSS is also usually free in the sense of "free beer" but most of the advantages of OSS come from the open source model.

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