"Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators Reported by Cooperating Agencies in the Family Planning Services and Communication, Management and Training Divisions of the USAID Office of Population"

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Author(s): Elkins C

Year: 1999

In 1998, the Office of Population at USAID (G/PHN/POP) identified a need for a central compilation of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E;) indicators being used by USAID's Cooperating Agencies (CAs). This report presents MEASURE Evaluation's review of indicators used by selected CAs in two divisions. The immediate goal of the compilation is to improve the Office of Population's understanding of current indicators' breadth and depth. Further objectives may include improving G/PHN/POP's ability to support and advise its Missions and CAs on a useful range of relevant indicators across a number of different categories and data types, in order to 1) report on and reflect the division portfolios more comprehensively, and 2) investigate the possibilities for coordinating CA (central project) indicators and USAID Mission (country-specific) indicators, if that might improve CA performance reporting. Toward these objectives, G/PHN/POP developed a framework of categories and classes, herein called the CA Indicator Framework, based on its review of project objectives, specifically those of central projects that have been operating within the Family Planning Services Division (FPSD) and the Communication, Management, and Training (CMT) Division.

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