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MEASURE Evaluation has produced more than a thousand publications on topics such as monitoring and evaluation (M&E), strengthening health information systems, health informatics, training and distance learning, and on health program areas such as family planning, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. Use the search engine to find publications available as free downloads.

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Economic Status Proxies in Studies of Fertility in Developing Countries: Does the Measure Matter?
Bollen K A, Glanville J L, Stecklov G (2001)
A Pilot Study of a Rapid Assessment Method to Identify Areas for AIDS Prevention in Cape Town, South Africa
Weir S S, Morroni C, Coetzee N, Spencer J, Boerma J T (2001)
Decentralization and Government Provision of Public Goods: The Public Health Sector in Uganda (Draft)
Akin J, Hutchinson P, Strumpf K (2001)
Appropriate Methods for Analyzing the Effect of Method Choice on Contraceptive Discontinuation
Steele F, Curtis Sian L (2001)
A Guide to Using Multilevel Models for the Evaluation of Program Impacts
Angeles G, Mroz T A (2001)
The Effect of Structural Characteristics on Family Planning Program Performance in Cote d'Ivoire and Nigeria
Mancini D J, Stecklov G, Stewart J F (2001)
Socio-Demographic Context of the AIDS Epidemic in a Rural Area in Tanzania with a Focus on People
Boerma J T, et al (2001)
A Meta-analysis of the Impact of Family Planning Programs on Fertility Preferences, Contraceptive Method Choice and Fertility
Angeles G, et al (2001)
Mesurer la mortalité maternelle à partir du recensement: Guide pour les utilisateurs potentiels
Hill K, Stanton C, Gupta N (2001)
Medicion de la Mortalidad Materna a partir de un Censo: Instrucciones para los Usuarios
Hill K, Stanton C, Gupta N (2001)
Measuring Maternal Mortality from a Census: Guidelines for Potential Users
Hill K, Stanton C, Gupta N (2001)
Sampling Manual for Facility Surveys for Population, Maternal Health, Child Health and STD Programs in Developing Countries, July 2001
Turner AG, Angeles G, Tsui AO, Wilkinson M, Magnani R (2001)
Dinamica de la anticoncepcion en Guatemala: 1978-1998
Escudero G, Bertrand J, Seiber E (2002)
Socioeconomic status and class in studies of fertility and health in developing countries
Bollen KA, Glanville JL, Stecklov G (2001)
Is estimating maternal mortality useful?
Buekens P (2001)
The impact of HIV/AIDS on mortality and household mobility in rural Tanzania
Urassa M, Boerma JT, Isingo R, Ngalula J, Ng weshemi J, Mwaluko G, Zaba B (2001)
Every death counts: measurement of maternal mortality via a census
Stanton C, Hobcraft J, Hill K, Kodjogbe N, Mapeta WT, Munene F, Naghavi M, Rabeza V, Sisouphantong B, Campbell O (2001)
Measurement of biomarkers in surveys in developing countries: opportunities and problems
Boerma JT, Holt E, Black R (2001)
The role of changes in contraceptive use in the decline of induced abortion in Turkey
Senlet P, Curtis SL, Mathis J, Raggers H (2001)
Bulletin 3: Monitoring National Progress with Composite Indices.
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