Framework and Tools for National M&E Systems Strengthening

M&E Systems Strengthening Tool

This tool provides three checklists that program managers can use to assess M&E plans, take stock of the capabilities of management units to manage data, and assess data-collection and reporting systems.

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Strengthening Tool also available in French

M&E Systems Strengthening Tool Templates also available in French

Organizing Framework for a Functional National HIV Monitoring and Evaluation System

This framework provides a description of the main components of a functional national HIV M&E system and performance objectives for each component against which to assess progress in establishing such a system.

Developed with MEASURE Evaluation input, the framework introduces the 12 system components that need to be present and work to an acceptable standard for the national HIV M&E system to function effectively. The document is useful for defining a shared vision for the M&E system, developing national strategies to build system capacity, and monitoring system performance over time. Though the tool was developed for HIV M&E systems, it can be adapted for other health M&E program areas.

12 Components Monitoring & Evaluation System Assessment

These guidelines provide information on the preparation for and implementation of an assessment of the national HIV monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system. It also includes key steps to take after an assessment to facilitate implementation of M&E system-strengthening activities.

12 Components Monitoring and Evaluation System Strengthening Tool

These instructions provide further clarification about the individual questions in the 12 Components M&E System Strengthening Tool. They are intended to be used by the facilitator(s) of a national HIV M&E assessment as well as by individuals and organisations participating in the assessment.

Guidance on Capacity Building for HIV Monitoring and Evaluation

This Guidance is to provide practical advice for national AIDS programs that are planning and implementing capacity building activities as part of their effort to develop a unified and effective national HIV M&E system.

The Guidance is intended to enable stakeholders to reach a shared understanding of the overall goal of M&E capacity building, offer strategies and interventions for achieving M&E capacity building results, promote the development and implementation of actions to build capacity, and provide basic steps for monitoring M&E capacity building

Standards for a Competency-based Approach to Monitoring and Evaluation Curricula & Trainings

This document provides standards for capacity building in monitoring and evaluation through human resource training. It addresses the essential competencies for those in M&E leadership positions, covering both technical and managerial competencies, as well as standards for the development and implementation of M&E curricula/trainings aiming to improve M&E competencies.