Child Status Index Tool Kit

Components of the Child Status Index Tool Kit

CSI Manual Cover ImageAll information needed to use the Child Status Index in an organization or agency is available in the CSI Tool Kit. The tool kit includes:

Child Status Index Manual

Provides a framework for identifying the needs of children, creating individualized goal-directed service plans for use in monitoring the well-being of children and households, and program-level monitoring and planning at the local level.

Child Status Index Training Manual

Designed to improve and standardize training for those who use the CSI.

Child Status Index Domains

Chart displaying the CSI domains, the goal for each domain, two factors of each domain, and descriptions of the four levels of well-being for each factor.

Child Status Index Record Form

Used to record background information and findings from the child assessment visit.

Child Status Index Pictorial Version

Presents the CSI domains, factors, and levels of well-being as pictures.

Child Status Index Made Easy

Contains both a pictorial and written form of the CSI and provides basic instructions for how to complete the CSI.

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