M&E Training Materials Now Available in Portuguese

MEASURE Evaluation now offers M&E course modules in Portuguese.

Course modules on basic M&E concepts and data analysis are now available in Portuguese. These materials have been added to MEASURE Evaluation’s Monitoring and Evaluation Network of Training Online Resources (MENTOR), a place for M&E professionals to retrieve M&E training resources free-of-charge.

MENTOR offers free slides, case studies, workshop curricula and participant handouts for M&E trainers; non-certificate population-related modules for planners; and a comprehensive two-hour self-guided certificate course on the basics of M&E programs in the context of population, health and nutrition.

Free monitoring and evaluation resources may be downloaded by visiting:  http://www.cpc.unc.edu/measure/training/materials

Please send questions about MENTOR to measure_mentor@unc.edu.

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