M&E of Public Health Programs Workshop

The M&E of Public Health Programs Workshop teaches fundamental monitoring and evaluation skills in Nigeria.

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) skills are fundamental to the process of designing and implementing programs, analyzing and using data, and conducting advocacy for population and health programs. In order to build the capacity of M&E professionals who are actively engaged in the health sector, a two-week non-degree course will provide training in M&E systems and the application of M&E data to decision making in population and health programming. 

Hands-on experience in designing M&E plans will be gained by doing exercises, and working in small groups throughout the workshop. The participant groups will present the results of their projects on the final day of the workshop.

The course is designed for national and sub-national level M&E professionals and their counterparts, assistants and advisors who are involved with the implementation of population, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and other social sector programs. 

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