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Accelerating Action on Tuberculosis Towards Achieving 40x22
(February 2019). USAID will leverage resources from countries, private sector partners, and other local organizations to meet the United Nations target of treating 40 million people by 2022.

Prioritizing Data for Decision Making to End Tuberculosis
Fighting tuberculosis (TB) is a top priority for the United States Government. USAID's new TB business model, the “Global Accelerator to End Tuberculosis,” catalyzes investments across multiple countries and sectors to end the epidemic while helping countries along their Journey to Self-Reliance. 

Partnering with Local Organizations to End Tuberculosis
The TB Local Organizations Network (LON) Annual Program Statement is a key component of the USAID Global Accelerator to End Tuberculosis. Through LON, USAID seeks to partner directly with local organizations in USAID TB priority countries to implement locally generated solutions to improve TB diagnosis, treatment, and prevention services.

MEASURE Evaluation Awarded More than $35 Million to Improve Data and Impact in Fight against Tuberculosis through the TB DIAH Project
(September 2018). A TB-focused program just awarded will provide more than $35 million in new funding from USAID for MEASURE Evaluation to strengthen TB data and knowledge sharing worldwide.

To visit the TB DIAH website and data hub, go to

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