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Basic outlines used for icons on the navigation bar came royalty-free from the Noun Project ( “Book” was designed by Mike Ashley, “Compass” by M. S. Rohith, “House” by Simple Icons, and “Key” by John Caserta.


Banners, photos, maps, illustrations, and layout are by Denise Todloski and Becky Wilkes, of MEASURE Evaluation, and Donnie Kohler, of Project Cog.


Videography is by Kimberly Best.


The concept and mini-tutorial design are by Melissa Dunn and Becky Wilkes of MEASURE Evaluation.


Thanks to Kathy Doherty, Debbie McGill, and Beth Robinson, of the MEASURE Evaluation Knowledge Management team, for advice and review.


Thanks, also, to Bernie Agala, Alison Futcher, Allie Hansen, Carolina Mejia, Shannon Salentine, and Jim Stickford for additional help and testing.